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Is your home care agency struggling to find dedicated caregivers?

Tired of draining your budget on job platforms and investing hours in interviews with minimal results?

Discover a smarter way forward.

Say goodbye to the hiring headache. We are the Home Care Hiring Experts, and our proven system is your key to time and cost savings, enabling you to recruit the caregivers your agency deserves.

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We know how to do this.

We've processed and personally contacted over 170,000 applicants for our clients on all the major job platforms, resulting in thousands of hires for the home care agencies we work with.

We care about your agency.

Everything we do comes back to one simple mission- help home care agencies find and hire more caregivers. The goal is that you never turn away another case again. 

Our Process Works.

The interviews we schedule for home care agencies have an average show-up rate of 43%. We've been successful in all kinds of markets across the U.S.

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All The Tools Your Recruiting Team Needs To Succeed

Monthly National Data Reports

Don't wait for the national hiring data you need to succeed. In the Carework Club, you'll get a monthly report with detailed hiring trends from home care agencies across the U.S. 

Even better, we'll tell you exactly what the data means for your agency growth.

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Live Webinars With Personal Support

Join the Home Care Hiring Experts for live events that will help your recruiting team grow, upskill, and scale your agency. Your recruiters can ask questions like, "Why isn't my job ad working?" or "How can we meet our goals without increasing our budget?"

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Online Recruiting Courses 

Turn your recruiting team into Home Care Hiring Experts with our online courses. We've helped thousands of caregivers get hired already, and we'll teach your team everything they need to know. From job ads to retention, we'll train your recruiting team step by step.

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We know the training and data you'll receive in the Club will help grow your agency. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Track all the metrics you need in less than an hour per week.

I'll be honest- we're a little obsessed with metrics. We believe the time you spend getting accurate recruiting metrics is time well-invested that will help you hire more caregivers.

Use your data to solve any recruiting issue you could face.

Over the years we've learned how to use metrics to identify and solve any possible recruiting issue. We'll show you a step-by-step process for adjusting your recruiting strategies each month. 

Think: If is low, do y.

Simple, proven fixes to help you hire more caregivers every month- forever.

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Your recruiter is the key to business growth... Are they trained to drive that growth? 

If your home care agency is turning away cases because you're understaffed, your recruiter needs support. That's why we're here! Carework has a team of 40 recruiters across the U.S. getting thousands of caregivers hired for the agencies we work with. We're ready to teach your recruiter how we do it and support them in reaching their goals.

Most recruiters are given difficult goals, a challenging market, and the hope that they know how to solve the problem....

(they don't)

Carework knows how to solve the recruiting challenges you're facing, because we solve them every day for agencies all over the U.S. Our training is extensive, data-based, and effective. 

Stop leaving your recruiter to solve the issues that are plaguing your agency. Give them access to the training they need to succeed today.

When your recruiting team wins, you win, too. Let us help.

What's stopping you? 

If you're turning away cases you can't staff, you can't afford to skip this program. 

We know this club will help you hire more caregivers with less frustration, and we stand behind our results!

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Need some questions answered?

If you're ready to support your recruiting team's growth, but not quite sure what the right next step is, we should talk!

Setup a meeting with our Founder and CEO, Rachel Gartner, to discuss what your team needs and how we can help. No pressure, just a "get to know you" kind of conversation.

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